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Problem children are coming from another world, aren't they? Episode 2 — Seems Like A Crazy Loli Clad In Japanese Clothing?

Published January 18, 2013
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Izayoi questions Black Rabbit about her true intentions, and she reveals the truth behind their arrival in Litle Garden. Once a proud community, a Demon Lord issued an undeniable challenge that she and her fellow members were unable to beat. Having lost, the Demon Lord took her community's formal name and banner, leaving them allowed to be referred to only as the "No-Names." The community no longer has any members that "could make up their core," and all members left are Black Rabbit, Jin, and around one-hundred twenty children, ages ten and below, in the community. With their land having been ravaged by the Demon Lord's gift game, the only way to improve their situation is to win gift games and to take back their name and flag, but because all remaining members of the community are young, the "No-Names" were in a desperate situation, summoning Izayoi, Asuka, and Yō to help them regain their name and flag from the Demon Lord. Izayoi asked Black Rabbit the reason to reclaim their group’s name when they could just make a group in a different name. Black Rabbit told him that it is for the day that their former members to have a place to return to. Izayoi like the idea of challenging stronger opponents to reclaim a group’s name for the sake of their group mates so he agreed to help Black Rabbit. Meanwhile, Asuka and Yō hear the same information from Galdo Gaspar, who intends to have them join his community. Asuka becomes suspicious of Galdo Gaspar's claim to win all Gift Games that involve staking their community's banner, and uses her power to command Galdo to reveal how he could win so often. Galdo had managed to bring his community higher status by kidnapping women and children from other communities to subdue them, promising the hostages' safety if the communities did their bidding. However, Galdo had killed all hostages he had ever taken. Learning this, Asuka becomes infuriated and challenges Galdo to a Gift Game the next day. After Izayoi and Black Rabbit reunite with the others, the group visits Shiroyasha, a Demon Lord from the "Thousand Eyes" -- an extremely large trade community -- to appraise the children's gifts. While on their way, the children noticed that the season at the Garden is different from their own world, revealing that the three children are summoned from three different worlds as each of them state the current season of their world. When they arrived at their destination, Shiroyasha welcomed them and explained about the location of each headquarters which depends on the number of digits of the Gate in the Garden. There 7 Gates in the garden, ranging from 1 digit to 7 digits, where the fewer the digit the closer it is to the center. Furthermore, the headquarters of the “No Names” are located in the 7th gate. After the children heard how powerful Shiroyasha is, being the Floor Master on the East Side of the gate and the Demon Lord of White Night, the children challenge Shiroyasha to a Gift Game after being transported to one of her game boards, the snow mountain. Shiroyasha asked the children if they are going to fight her directly or challenge her game. The children decided to challenge her game, where Yō bets her own life to ride a Griffon and survive the entire flight around a mountain. While on the game, Yō remembers the time when she was confined in a hospital because of her illness. Her father often visits her telling her stories. Then, one day she received a wooden pendant from her father which granted her powers, overcoming the illness she had. In the present, Yō manages to endure the difficult flight and earns the Griffon's friendship in the process, learning his powers. When Black Rabbit asks for the children's gifts to be appraised, since Shiroyasha had no talent for it, gives the children Gift Cards instead, which has the capability to store their Gifts and also has the ability to list the name of the Gifts. With luck, Izayoi obtained a rare Gift Card. Meanwhile, Galdo Gaspar collapses after he is bitten on the side of his neck by a small blond girl, who tells him it was "the gift of the beast."