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Amnesia Episode 1 — I

Published January 8, 2013

The story begins with the heroine trying to escape a burning church, followed by a vision of her drowning. Afterward, she awakens in the back room of a cafe, with no memories, as people who seem to know her argue about how to help her. A strangely dressed boy named Orion appears, floating in midair, and explains that he is a spirit whom only the heroine can see or hear. He informs her that she lost her memories from before August 1st, three days ago, due to his carelessness, and he will try to help her recover them. He advises her to keep her amnesia a secret. The heroine starts regaining small pieces of her memories. She finds a picture of her with her face scribbled out in her mailbox. As she walks home, a group of girls confront the heroine saying that she broke their "promise". The heroine remembers the girls attacking her, and faints.