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Ah! My Goddess: Flights of Fancy Episode 19 — Ah! The Love Of A Goddess Saves!

Published December 31, 2012
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Marller has revived three female rodent ninjas in another attempt to attack Belldandy. Kodama Genwaku pretends to seduce Keiichi to get Belldandy's attention. However, Belldandy still trusts Keiichi no matter the circumstances. Belldandy prevents Kodama from committing suicide when her mission has failed. Later on, Hikari Senkuo appears and pursues Kodama. Hikaru threatens to murder Keiichi, but Kodama stops her from doing so. Belldandy tells the two ninjas to stop fighting over life and death. She senses that the two have some ulterior motive, but has no idea what the plan to do. Hikaru even tries to kill Kodama in her sleep to atone for her disobedience to the ninja code. When all fails, Nozomi Senrigan arrives and summon an auxiliary of rodent ninjas to attack the temple. Belldandy performs a prohibited purification spell to rid the temple of auxiliary and to save Keiichi from halluncination. The three ninjas soon agree to make peace and reside in the temple. Belldandy's license as a first-class goddess has been suspended thereafter.