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Ah! My Goddess: Flights of Fancy Episode 9 — Ah! The Goddesses Go Head To Head On A Date!

Published December 31, 2012
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After reading a romantic comic book, Peorth wishes to go on a date with Keiichi. Although she planned to spend time with him alone, the other three goddesses decide to tag along for the ride. Belldandy proves much help to be able to cover the cost for a trip to the movie theater and a visit to the aquarium. The five go to a indoor swimming pool, in which Keiichi is unable to swim. When Peorth purposely pushes Keiichi in the water, Belldandy goes out of her way to save him, though she also had to rescue Peorth in the process. Belldandy and Peorth issue a goddess contest of silly rounds, with Belldandy being the victor. It is revealed that Peorth held a grudge against Belldandy for believing that she was ineffective during a mission to fix system bugs in a subsystem located within Yggdrasil. She finds out that Belldandy extracted the bugs inside of her after she passes out during the mission. Keiichi carries Peorth on his back, as they and the other three goddesses take a walk in a seaside park at dusk.