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Ah! My Goddess: Flights of Fancy Episode 8 — Ah! I Want To Be Of Use To You!

Published December 31, 2012
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Urd, Skuld, and Peorth set up a competition to see which of the three most suited to serve Keiichi, ignorant of Belldandy's feelings. Things run amok when the three combine their powers and accidentally turn Keiichi into a whirlwind. Belldandy arrives as she reverse this process. Peorth later makes a potion that with grant love at first sight. She disguises this potion in a beverage for Keiichi, which put him to sleep. When he wakes up, he sees Megumi Morisato, Skuld, Peorth, and even Urd instantly falling in love with him when making eye contact. Belldandy catches up to Keiichi before he tried to escape the madness. As the two embrace, a large wave of soothing light is emitted, undoing the effect of the potion.