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Ah! My Goddess: Flights of Fancy Episode 12 — Ah! A Goddess's Tears And His Dream!

Published December 31, 2012
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Troubadour, the plum blossom spirit who once was Urd's lover, appears, urging to reunite with Urd. Trouble ensues when Keiichi intervenes, as it is mistaken that he is Urd's new significant other. Troubadour challenges Keiichi to duel for the day proceeding, with Urd as collateral. Troubadour later appears on a television broadcast to humiliate Urd with a romantic song. Yet Urd arrives and stops him. It is recognized that Troubadour needs the heartfelt tear of a goddess to break the seal of the scroll of the golden nightingale, a dream he still awaits to come true. Urd decides to take a bath, only to find out that Keiichi is already doing so. Troubadour walks in unexpectedly, soon attacking Keiichi deliberately, until Urd ceases his actions. Urd finds out that Troubadour had kept a ring from their younger years, as she cries in remembrance. Troubadour breaks the seal, and begins to sing the song on the scroll to summon the golden nightingale. Urd realizes that his dream of obtaining the golden nightingale was more important than spending his life with her.