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Ah! My Goddess: Flights of Fancy Episode 2 — Ah! The Beleaguered Queen Of Vengeance!

Published December 31, 2012
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With Christmas approaching, Sayoko Mishima desires to spend her time with the only man on campus who does not appear to "worship" her, that being Keiichi. Meanwhile, Belldandy decides to take a time off from the university in order to knit Keiichi a sweater as a very special Christmas gift. Keiichi brings Sayoko to the temple after seeing her in a drunken stupor late at night. After Sayoko recovers from a hangover, it is suspected that she has stolen the knitted sweater from Belldandy when she was not looking. While Belldandy goes off to search for the sweater, Keiichi and Sayoko take a walk in the streets. It is revealed that Sayoko had the packaged sweater all along, as she struggles with her feelings to bestow him the present. Belldandy later finds Sayoko, who confronts her emotions to Belldandy. As Belldandy returns home, she is happy to see Keiichi wearing the knitted sweater.