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Ah! My Goddess Episode 26 — Ah! Being An Adult Is Heart-Throbbing?

Published December 22, 2012
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Due to continuing problems at Yggdrasil, Skuld ages into an adult, and she decides to take advantage of her temporary adulthood. After stealing a motorbike, she encounters Toshiyuki, who provides her with all the ice cream that she can eat. However, he expects something in return and entraps her. After being rescued by Keiichi and Belldandy, Skuld is confused by her feelings. Although she could not bear to be touched by Toshiyuki, Keiichi's touch produces a different response. She asks Keiichi to take her out, and they venture downtown. As they shop for clothes, the pair are asked to model for a bridal salon. After some difficulty when feigning a kiss for a requested photograph, the two end up at the beach, where Skuld tries to come to terms with her feelings for Keiichi before reverting to her real age.