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Jormungand Season 2: Perfect Order Episode 9 — New World Phase.2

Published December 5, 2012
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In the Caucasus, quantum optics expert Elena Baburin is kidnapped by Koko's team and brought before her. Meanwhile, Scarecrow is informed that Koko has been pooling all her resources in a factory in South Africa in secrecy, a move she is concealing even from HCLI. After closing some deals around the world, Koko and her team is approached by Hinoki and Bookman at the Dulles Airport to remember her that she is being watched. When Schokolade, who was following Koko around the world informs Scarecrow that she had lost her track, Bookman realizes that Koko's next move is to extract Leila Ibrahim Faiza, aka "Rabitfoot", a quantum physicist, hacker and online activist from the Guantanamo Bay detention camp as according to the intel about her recent activities, Koko's secret project involves building a Quantum Supercomputer and she needs Rabitfoot's help to complete it. Meanwhile, Koko's team is preparing themselves for the kidnapping when Lutz questions Koko about her true intentions. Although she refrains from answering, all her bodyguards including Lutz reaffirm their commitment to her. As Hinoki discusses with an NSA officer about the kidnapping, he is informed by him that Bookman already contacted the NSA about it, and Rabitfoot is about to be transferred to another detention facility with the U.S. Navy Seal Unit "Night Nine" on standby, ready to kill whoever tries to rescue her.