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Jormungand Season 2: Perfect Order Episode 8 — New World Phase.1

Published November 28, 2012
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Koko's team has a meeting in England with doctor Minami, which brings up Schokolade's attention. She contacts Scarecrow, who later informs Bookman about it. Minami takes Jonah and Karen for a butterfly hunt and Jonah asks her about what she and Koko are truly planning, but she refuses to respond. As she bids farewell to Minami, Koko agrees with her idea to give a name to their plan which from then on is called "Jormungand". The members of CCAT have a dinner with Minami and ask her for a role in her and Koko's enterprise, but she refuses and Curry considers quitting the arms dealing business. Some time later, Amalia visits Koko claiming she wants to join HCLI as well. As Amalia displays to Koko the newest UAV technology she obtained, Kasper makes an announcement in the Philippines of HCLI's satellite network, the "Hekmatyar-Global Grid" or simply "Hek-GG". According to Kaspar, it will help their clients around the world to greatly improve their logistics. Bookman and Hinoki react coldly to the announcement and Jonah realizes that Koko does not seem interested on it at all and keeps talking with Amalia instead as he ponders that despite having traveled with her for so much time, he has not yet realized her true character.