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Sword Art Online Episode 20 — General Of The Blazing Flame

Published November 17, 2012
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To clear the Grand Quest, a task which is used to enter the World Tree, the Sylphs and the Cat Siths hold a secret meeting, only to get ambushed by a group of Salamanders. Kirito and Leafa reach the meeting place just as the Salamanders prepare to attack them. Seeing that they have no chance against them in a direct confrontation, Kirito rushes forward and addresses the Salamander General, Eugene. Kirito bluffs that he is an ambassador for the Spriggans-Undines alliance, and cautions him that to attack them would be tantamount to declaring war on all four races. Eugene does not believe him and challenges him to a duel, which Kirito wins. After learning that the now allied Sylphs and Cait Siths are going to plan an expedition to the World Tree in a couple of days, Kirito donates a large sum of money to Alicia, leader of the Cait Siths.