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Jormungand Season 2: Perfect Order Episode 6 — Castle Of Lies Phase.2

Published November 14, 2012
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Jonah was able to escape death after informing Koko that the supposed rendezvous point was empty at Tokyo Bay Aqua Line's Umihotaru, avoiding an ambush. Koko and the others were able to get away, managing to defeat the remaining SR Unit operatives. When Jonah, Koko and Tojo meet with Col. Hinoki at the Bahamas, the ex-SR Unit officer told Tojo that he allowed the remaining SR Unit operatives to take on HCLI because he noted that they needed to fight one good battle against Koko and Kaspar. Hinoki also explained that the unit was becoming arms dealers themselves, something that the colonel did not wish to happen as circumstances gave him no choice but to let the unit destroy itself as they lost its true purpose, which was to be a black ops unit of the DIH. In a flashback, Tojo remembers leaving the SR Unit because the unit was turning its back on its Cuban agents during a black operation, which made Tojo resign after returning back to Jakarta. This eventually led to his recruitment to HCLI under Kaspar before he joined up with Koko.