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Jormungand Season 2: Perfect Order Episode 5 — Castle Of Lies Phase.1

Published November 7, 2012
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As Kaspar returns to Jakarta, Tojo debriefs his comrades at the Narita International Airport and informs them that the Special Research Unit (or SR Unit) of the Defense Intelligence Headquarters are responsible for harassing Kaspar's operations in Southeast Asia. He also informs them that the unit was created due to American requests during the Vietnam War, which evolved into a dummy corporation named Ganville Trading. Col. Hinoki informs Koko of a rendezvous point for the two parties to meet with the pretense of discussing a mutual agreement, but Koko warns her team to prepare themselves for the worst. In Jakarta, Kaspar meets with one of Ganville Trading's employees named Kurosaka, who takes the opportunity to attempt to kill him, but is stopped and killed by Chiquita. Now knowing that the enemy set a trap to them, Kaspar and his squad make their way to evacuate, confronting the SR Unit commandos along the way.