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Jormungand Season 2: Perfect Order Episode 4 — Kasper And Jonah

Published October 31, 2012
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In Jakarta, Kasper and his team find themselves once again outsmarted by a rival Japanese company and he decides to take the fight to them with Koko's help. Still coping with the loss of R, Koko and her party travel to Japan while Kasper sends a message to the Japanese by having some of their men killed. When Koko makes the rendezvous with her brother in Japan, Jonah asks him to show him how the three children he asked to give shelter are doing. Kasper brings Jonah to where the three are living but he decides to not meet them, being satisfied for just knowing they are doing well. As the Japanese learn about the death of their comrades, Kaspar questions Tojo about Hinoki Yousuke, his former superior in the Japanese Ground Self-Defense Forces, the man leading the team.