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Jormungand Season 2: Perfect Order Episode 3 — Dance With Undershaft Phase.2

Published October 25, 2012
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R convinces George to tell him the location of Hex and her SOG team and rushes to help Koko and Jonah, finding them already under attack from them. After revealing to Koko that he is a spy under George, he manages to have both evacuate to safety and confronts Hex head on. When the two exchange shots, R and Hex manage to hit each other's left eyes, with R's wound being fatal. After the rest of Koko's team reaches the scene and takes down the snipers giving support to Hex, she is forced to give the order to retreat. Upon learning of R's death, and enraged Koko contacts the HCLI and demands them to track down Hex's location. Some time later, Hex and her two remaining men, sheltered in a cave on Northern Iraq, see a B-52 bomber sent by Koko that carpet bombs the area. R is buried on a scenic view near the coast and George appears to pay his respects, having a short meeting with Koko and her team in the occasion. Just after leaving, George learns of Hex's apparent death and hearing the voices of R and Hex remembering him about how they warned him to not underestimate Koko, he decides to not give up on her.