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Sword Art Online Episode 13 — Edge Of Hell's Abyss

Published September 29, 2012
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While fishing near a lake, Kirito encounters Nishida, an avid fisherman. He remarks that, despite honing his fisherman skills, he is unable to cook delicious dishes with what he catches. Kirito invites him to his home for Asuna to cook the fish he caught for them. During their meal, Nishida mentions a huge fish he tried to catch many times before but failed, and he asks Kirito to help him. Later, Nishida manages to hook the fish and passes the rod to Kirito to pull it in. The fish is revealed to be a huge monster, which Asuna slays. Soon after, Kirito receives a message from Heathcliff. Kirito and Asuna leave the fishing place to meet up at the Knights of the Blood Oath headquarters, where they learn that a party had been trapped and killed in the 75th leveled boss' room. A team of players from several guilds, including Kirito and Asuna, is being assembled to fight the boss.