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Accel World Episode 24 — Reincarnation

Published September 21, 2012
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Realizing that they won't be able to understand each others ideals, Dusk Taker takes to the skies followed by Silver Crow upon equipping the Gale Thruster. As their aerial battle commences, Crow manages to strike Taker as the Thruster's SP gauge runs out but is able to recharge it quickly using incarnation and deal Taker a powerful strike. At that moment, Lime Bell uses Citron Call, with the wave enveloping both Crow and Taker. In a dramatic turn of events Taker is healed but, the wings return to Silver Crow. As Taker begins to fall, the wings merge with the Gale Thruster enabling Crow unlimited rapid air-speed which he further combines with his Laser Sword to deliver a final devastating blow to Dusk Taker. After the battle, Lime Bell reveals that her ability isn't healing but in fact, Time Reversal, which she used on Dusk Taker to revert him back to the state in which he didn't possess Crow's wings. She also reveals that she only stuck with Taker so that she could level up and wait for the right moment to use her ability. Reduced to nothing more than his torso, Taker begins pleading with the Black Legion and even Black Vice to spare him, or else he would reveal all of their information and the Acceleration Research Legion to the real world. Vice declines to help him and instead retreats, having no grudge against them and that Seiji's Brain Implant Chip would dissolve after Brain Burst is removed, tying up the loose ends. After Silver Crow delivers the final blow, Lime Bell reveals she informed Black Lotus of the events prior to their battle and officially joins Nega Nebulus. Back in the real world, as Kuroyukihime returns, Haruyuki gives her the full story and she tearfully embraces him, worried that she might have lost him and vows to stay by his side. She also clears Haruyuki's name at school whilst Seiji lost all memories pertaining to Brain Burst. After school the group along with Yuniko and Blood Leopard theorize about Brain Burst's effects on a person's memories after it is removed, concluding that they should reach Level 10 and ask its creator directly. Finally Kuroyukihime accompanies Haruyuki as he keeps true to his promise of returning Sky Raker's armament to her. Kuroyukihime tearfully calls out to Raker as she leaves wanting to repair their friendship and they run and embrace each other. At this point, they refer to each other by name, Sky Raker being Fuuko Kurasaki and Kuroyukihime being "Sac-chan" though it is unclear if it is her real name. Haruyuki concludes by saying that no matter what difficulties and changes lie ahead, humans will continue to accelerate forward.