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Accel World Episode 23 — Consolidation

Published September 14, 2012
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As the day of the duel arrives, Chiyuri asks to join Haruyuki and Takumu in the Unlimited Field. Choosing to believe in her, they comply. Silver Crow, Cyan Pile and Lime Bell approach the battle ground, the school's sporting field, where they encounter Dusk Taker and begin the duel using a Sudden Death Duel Card. As the battle begins, a new Burst Linker, Black Vice ambushes them and immobilizes Silver Crow. Taker explains that Vice possess a Deceleration ability via his Brain Implant Chip. Taker then battles Cyan Pile who manifests his incarnation ability, Cyan Blade, and overcomes Taker's Demonic Possession due to Taker already having too many abilities, and slices off an arm. Dusk Taker explains that he was bullied by his older brother who was also his Brain Burst parent, forcing him to obtain points for him. This drove him taking revenge on his brother by repeatedly killing him within the Unlimited Field and stripping him of Brain Burst. Taker then takes Lime Bell hostage and tortures her, explaining that the bonds they have are illusions. This proves too much for Cyan Pile, causing him to lose focus, giving Taker an advantage and cuts off both his arms. As Haruyuki laments on the hopelessness of the situation, he loses the will to fight. But he eventually regains his resolve from his avatar (Silver Crow) and his memory of Kuroyukihime. He manages to overpower Black Vice, at the cost of his metallic armor, and surprises Dusk Taker but instead falls to the ground. Just as all hope seems to truly be lost, Dusk Taker is stopped from finishing off Cyan Pile by Black Lotus, who appears on a level 15 Enemy using the reins obtained from Crimson Kingbolt. As Taker is taken aback by her arrival, Black Vice introduces themselves officially, as being a part of the Acceleration Research Society (which Sulfur Pot was also a part of). Black Lotus then deems them her enemies for trampling on her Legion members and fiercely attacks Black Vice while encouraging Silver Crow to stand and face Dusk Taker once and for all.