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Ebiten Movie

Published August 27, 2012
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Club member Rikei Hiromatsu develops a fetish for being rubbed against by the club's cat mascot, Neko-sensei. She later runs into Izumiko again, prompting her to try and make amends with Kyoko. Meanwhile, the school is plagued with incidents of girls fainting, with Yuka threatening to abolish the Tenmon club if they can't prove they are innocent by the end of the day. Too lazy to investigate properly, Kyoko decides to accuse the first person she sees, which turns out to be Izumiko. However, the club's vice president, Hasumi Ōba, proves Izumiko's innocence whilst Rikei uses an army of cats to stop Yuka from abolishing the club. Afterwards, Izumiko joins the rest of the club in viewing the stars, where she notices a particular star, apparently known as the Death Star.