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La storia della Arcana Famiglia Episode 9 — Wheel Of Fortune

Published August 26, 2012

After the event on Felicita, Nova and Liberta finding out about Elmo being a homunculus, they were told of an emergency. After the emergency, Felicita confronts Jolly and demands the truth in which Jolly told her. Among the truths that Jolly told was about Felicita unconsciously using her other Arcana power which is The Wheel Of Fortune when she was little which save her mother from being hurt from the after effect of using her 'Judgement' to save Mondo in which caused her Arcana power to go berserk . Back to present, after hearing the truth, she meets her mother and her mother tells her why her father chose 'The World'. Felicita saw a flashback on the event in which made her father chose 'The World'. Then she was determined to save her father by using The Wheel of Fortune.......