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Night Raid 1931 Episode 9 — The New Capital

Published July 13, 2012
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Aoi follows the convoy where his fiancée Shizune is, but loses track of her. Going undercover, he infiltrates the building she is residing in, but is confronted by Kazura, undercover as an Imperial Guard, who expresses his disapproval of Aoi's subordination. Despite Kazura's attempt to stop him, Aoi escapes with Shizune. While in hiding in an abandoned house, Shizune reveals that she cannot leave with him because of her ability of foresight and her responsibility to guide leaders. While Aoi expresses that he will abandon everything to be with her, she disappears when he leaves to find a horse for them to escape. Meanwhile, Yukina meets her brother in the hotel where she and Natsume are staying. Isao lets her read his thoughts in which it shows an atomic bombing in Japan. Yukina collapses from shock and upon waking up, she finds the vision too traumatizing.