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Natsu-iro Kiseki Episode 10 — Typhoon Ghosts, Today's Memories

Published June 8, 2012
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As the city receives a typhoon alert, the girls recall an incident when they explored a supposedly haunted hotel. With no one quite sure of what actually happened, they try using the wishing rock to remember, although it doesn't appear to work at first. However, when they get home, they find that their younger selves from four years ago are walking about. The girls follow their younger selves as they prepare to explore the haunted hotel, oblivious to the time period they are in or the approaching typhoon. As they reach the hotel, the girls find their younger selves who, believing them to be ghosts, attack them and lock them in a room. There, they realise that their younger selves are here as a result of a wish on the rock they made to see what they were like four years later. As the typhoon soon appears, the young girls are put in a dangerous situation but are rescued by their older selves. After being brought to safety, the younger girls return to their own time, where they believed their older selves to be ghosts. Back in the present, Yuka brings up news of an idol audition they can partake in.