The Qwaser of Stigmata Episode 24 — You, Live Not Your Youth!

Published May 27, 2012
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The Aurum Qwaser entrapped by the very "Tsar's Crowning" icon that has caused so many fierce and brutal battles being visited unto Saint Mihailov's Academy while the Adepts are scattered to the winds as an organization . . . this epilogue would be cause for everybody to celebrate if not for the cumbersome embers of a few minor but long-standing issues obfuscated by the war. Athos has a prologue of going to where it is most desperately needed; while Teresa wonders if anyone is going to take responsibility for the flowers she has raised, Sasha is forced to grapple for homeostasis between his duty and his feelings for Mafuyu who is anguished over the diminished dimensions of her mammaries. As if by telepathy, Miyuri tries to capitalize upon Mafuyu's insecurity by offering several experimental products for Mafuyu and Fumika to appraise along with Hana who finds herself in hot water breast cream with Ekaterina facing the same issues as Sasha who ultimately decides upon a date with Mafuyu as the forum for bidding farewell; the personal and emotional fallibility successfully set aside, Sasha and Mafuyu exchange their first kiss and final soma recharge before Sasha leaps into battle under the full moon.