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Tower of Druaga: The Sword of Uruk Episode 1 — The Tower Of Gilgamesh

Published May 26, 2012
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Six months have passed since the defeat of Druaga, with King Gilgamesh falsely claiming all credit for the act and the tower being renamed the Tower of Gilgamesh. Jil, Fatina and the other surviving Climbers have been living in Meskia and while most of them have moved on with their lives, with Fatina becoming a tour guide, Kelb running a tavern, and Utu becoming a wrestler, Jil is still burdened with the betrayals of Neeba and Kaaya. In an effort to cheer him up, Fatina invites him out to see a play and then to see a wrestling match, only for the pair to run into trouble when a mysterious little girl comes to them after being chased by the King's soldiers. With Utu's help, Jil and Fatina escape with the girl, who reveals herself to be Ki, the first priestess of Ishtar and Gilgamesh's queen, and demands that Jil take her to the top of the Tower, or Kaaya will suffer a terrible fate.