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The Mystic Archives of Dantalian Episode 11 — Rasiel Shelves

Published April 12, 2012
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The episode begins with Huey, having just entered the airforce and, to everyone's astonishment, outflying the army's best pilot - Ilas. The two meet afterwards and Ilas reveals that he has a talent for reading people's mind by seeing them fly. Since, as a little boy, he saw an article about the invention of first airplane, he has always wanted to fly. So he became a soldier, a pilot, and started recording the voices of war in his poems. One night the archangel Raziel comes to him, revealing that he is on his way to create a Phantom Book. They are born from words of man, soaked in despair and fear, so she hopes that he can indeed finish the Book, so that she can take it in Bibliotheca Razielis Archangeli. Ilas goes on to fight in the war, experience more of it, to kill more in it, so he could write more poems. But Huey sees through a lie that even Ilas couldn't and reads his own Phantom Book, that has the power to bring flying men down. Huey succeeds and Ilas falls on the ground, to find himself in front of Raziel and the Professor, whom he had met earlier but as a bartender and not Raziel's keykeeper. They blame him that he couldn't finish his Phantom Book and, with just a touch, the Professor takes his life, saying that he was already dead and was simply resurrected by him. Ilas remembers Huey's words that he had already died in Paris with his loved one, and then he vanishes.