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The Mystic Archives of Dantalian Episode 8 — Book Of Equivalence / Book Of Connection

Published April 12, 2012
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In Book of Equivalence: Camilla visits Huey and Dalian at their estate. She bears two gifts for Dalian--the first a box of sweet buns--and is about to give her the second when she notices that Dalian is reading an auction catalog with teddy bears in it. After asking Dalian which her favorite is, she asks Huey for something on his person, which he responds to by presenting her with a paper clip, and abruptly leaves. It is revealed that Camilla had bought the Book of Equivalence from a used book store, so Huey and Dalian set out to find what she is looking for. In Book of Connection: Armand stumbles into Huey's estate, begging for help, just as a series of branches shoot out from his body and set themselves on fire. Upon questioning, Armand reveals that he has a girlfriend by the name of Lianna Schoales, a woman he had met through a Phantom Book called the Book of Connection. However, the book carries a powerful curse that will attempt to kill the person who is cheating on the relationship. Thus, he approached Huey and Dalian, and together the three of them attempt to find a solution to the cursed book.