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Ground Control to Psychoelectric Girl Episode 6 — Ryū'ko'-san's Feeling... Kinda... Glum...

Published April 12, 2012
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Ryūko goes with her friend to the Tamura shop, where she encounters Erio and also spots Makoto. The next day, she decides to visit the place, running into Meme along the way. Afterward, Ryūko talks to Makoto about the bad reputation Erio has at school, mentioning it may cause him troubles if he is seen hanging out with her. Later, Makoto asks the old lady for some advice on the matter. A few days later, Ryūko and Maekawo visit the Tōwa household, where Makoto has trouble keeping Erio under control. As Meme returns and the suggests the girls stay for dinner, she openly hints that Ryūko might be a match for Makoto.