Heaven's Memo Pad Episode 12 — About You, Me And Her

Published April 11, 2012
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The Fourth interrogates Toshi about Hakamizaka, but to no avail. After obtaining a sample of Angel Fix, Narumi figures out that all the drug victim can literally see "shining wings" as a hallucination. Much to a shock, he risks his life by taking this drug. The team monitors him in the streets as the drug takes full effect, as he begins to imagine Ayaka with wings, flying away from the rooftop. Narumi is brought back to Alice's room to recover, and the Fourth becomes Alice's client in this case. The NEET Detective Team and the Hirasaka Gang find a drugged Hakamizaka, among the other victims, inside a warehouse, who reveals that he forced Ayaka to take Angel Fix in exchange for flowers instead of money. Alice condemns Hakamizaka that he is not worthy to enter the kingdom of heaven, overwhelming his state of mind. Narumi knocks Toshio unconscious after seeing him on the floor, begging for more drugs to take. As the months go by, Narumi regularly visits Ayaka in the hospital, who is still in a comatose state. At night Alice says to Narumi that Ayaka jumped off the rooftop to prevent the school festival from occurring. As the sun rises, they see the flowers bloom in the design of the garden club logo, showing how much Ayaka cares about Narumi. It is seen that Ayaka eventually wakes up from her coma.