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Heaven's Memo Pad Episode 11 — My Piece

Published April 11, 2012
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Ayaka mysteriously jumps off the school's rooftop, injuring herself and falling into a coma for two weeks. Narumi asks Tetsuo to box with him, taking out his frustrations for what Ayaka did. This motivates Narumi to request Alice to find out why Ayaka would jump off the rooftop in the first place. From this point on forward, Narumi will become Alice's official assistant. Narumi goes inside the greenhouse, only to find all the plants gone, but the Fourth tells him to stay out of the investigation. Shiro Hakamizaka, a life science graduate, has recently published a thesis on botanical genetic manipulation, developing Angel Fix from a flower called Papaver bracteatum lindl, and Toshi has been able to buy the drug directly from him. Narumi believes that Ayaka blamed herself for Toshi's condition because she unknowingly planted these flowers, and this resulted in her attempted suicide. Tetsuo, Hiroshi, and Hiroaki are sent out to search for Toshi. After Narumi visits an unconscious Ayaka at the hospital, he receives a call from Toshi, who says that he had no idea why Ayaka jumped off the rooftop. Hakamizaka takes the phone from Toshi and tells Narumi that he challenges Alice to find out where he is.