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Heaven's Memo Pad Episode 10 — Concerning You

Published April 11, 2012
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Toshi Shinozaki, Ayaka's brother, appears at the arcade room, but he seems to be very ill. However, Narumi finds out from Tetsuo that Toshi is a drug addict, unbeknownst to Ayaka. The Fourth hears about drug trafficking in the area, in which a drug code-named "Angel Fix" is being marketed, and it turns out that this is the very drug that Toshi is taking. Ayaka, concerned about her brother, does not understand what Narumi is hiding from her. Narumi questions Ayaka if she sees him as Toshi's replacement, but this causes Ayaka to walk away in disgust. After they apologize to each other at school, Ayaka says that she does not see Narumi as a replacement, but rather someone unique to her. Tetsuo, Hitoshi, and Hiroaki research more about Angel Fix and its possible trade routes. The Fourth gives Narumi and Hiroaki documents of hospitalized drug victims in the past month for Alice to look through. Ayaka needs to remove the flower pots and boxes from the greenhouse because a school festival will be taking place soon.