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Heaven's Memo Pad Episode 8 — I Don't Believe In Fate

Published April 11, 2012
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The Fourth is sent to the hospital after Renji's men severely injures him and trashes his place. Mika leaves Narumi a voice message saying that she will handle the rest of the preparations for the concert. As such, Narumi is left in charge of the Hirasaka Gang. Alice strongly affirms that Renji and his men will indeed show up and crash the concert. Narumi calls Mika back to let her know that he will take care of the website himself. On the day of the concert, Narumi lures Renji into the studio booth when the rock band begins playing. Alice explains that after Hisan was slashed in the stomach, she lost her uterus and ovaries during the operation. The money given by the head of the Gotuda Group was used to open a fabric store, which reveals that Yoshiki is actually Hisan. The Fourth, still in bandages, later comes to confront Renji to a fistfight to honor the code of the "blood brothers". The concert went well with no complications, and the NEET Detective Team and the Hirasaka Gang celebrate for its success. The next day, as Renji prepares to leave by train, Narumi gives him back his butterfly embroidered shirt.