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Heaven's Memo Pad Episode 6 — It Seems Like I'll Lose

Published April 11, 2012
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Renji runs into Narumi at the zoo, relieved to know that Narumi still has his butterfly embroidered shirt, and the two discuss spending time together as friends. As Narumi prepares to go to the warehouse, Renji warns him not to head that way, as it is seen that a fire has occurred there. Alice believes it was caused by the thief who stole the shipment of the butterfly embroidered shirts, to which the Fourth finds out that Renji happens to be that thief. It is explained that the Fourth and Renji were once "blood brothers" and formed the Hirasaka Gang to fight against yakuza organizations. When Narumi and Ayaka go out together, they are ambushed by Renji's men, but Tetsuo manages to come to the rescue. At night, Narumi receives a phone call from Renji to bring back his shirt the following morning. Alice, telling Narumi that Renji is near a sports utility store, is hesitant to let him go see Renji. So he leaves the shirt with Alice, and she lends him a stuffed owl toy for good luck.