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Heaven's Memo Pad Episode 5 — He Knows About Me

Published April 11, 2012
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Narumi is held responsible to help a rebellious Alice wash her stuffed animals and bed sheets. However, The Fourth asks Narumi to advertise an all girl rock band, performing at the end of the month, because the band previously broke their contract with another yakuza organization, the Yanagihara Group. Narumi goes around town with Ayaka for a few days, taking pictures for the website. At a local bar, he meets Renji Hirasaka, who seems to be into trouble with a gang wearing black. Narumi spills a drink on Renji's butterfly embroidered shirt as a excuse for Renji not to take them all on by himself. He compensates by buying Renji new shirts, later asking whether or not they should be friends. When he returns to the Hanamaru ramen shop, he notices Renji's dirty shirt is in his bag. Soon after, Narumi goes to the fabric store to pick up something for Min, but he is surprised to see the Fourth there as well, who is friends with Yoshiki, the store owner. A shipment of the butterfly embroidered shirts are found stolen in the storage room, something the Fourth must look into. After Narumi meets with Mika, the lead singer, for more ideas pertaining to the website, he goes to the zoo to buy a stuffed capybara toy as a favor for Alice.