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Heaven's Memo Pad Episode 4 — A Full Account On Hanamaru's Soup

Published April 11, 2012
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A mysterious man with sunglasses who regularly eats ramen at the Hanamaru ramen shop always takes one sip and leaves some change before departing, and this is getting on Min's nerves. She then makes Narumi help her make a new soup dish. In the middle of the night, a suited stalker lurks inside the shop and steals one of Min's chest wraps before she finishes taking a bath. Min becomes so aggravated by this that she has no choice but to ask for Alice's help. The team believes that there is a connection between the mysterious man with sunglasses and the suited stalker. The following night, the team catches the suited stalker named Tomio Kimura, a lingerie designer for his company, who has much interest in Min's bust size. However, Alice deduces that the man with sunglasses somehow unlocked the front door at night, which then gave Kimura the chance to sneak into the shop during that time. The man with sunglasses is revealed to be Masaru Hanada, Min's father, who leaves a note containing a new recipe for ramen.