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Heaven's Memo Pad Episode 3 — What I Can Do For Those Two

Published April 11, 2012
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The Kishiwata Group, the yakuza organization, pays a visit to the Hanamaru ramen shop to retrieve Meo, but Min keeps her cool and tells them to leave. Min shares her empathy for Meo to Narumi, saying that her father suddenly left, leaving her in charge of the ramen shop. The next day, Meo leaves a note saying she will find her father on her own. When Narumi finds Meo at a payphone near a convenience store, the two are cornered by the Kishiwata Group. Luckily, the Fourth and the Hirasaka Gang arrive and intervene, rescuing Narumi and Meo. The Fourth agrees to hold a ceremony to allow Narumi to be a part of his gang. Because Mikawa, the leader of the Kishiwata Group, cannot do anything to Kusakabe since the money is in Meo's hands, Narumi devises that it should be deposited into Kusakabe's bank account. He also bluffs by saying that the money would be transferred to Mikawa with Kusakabe's authorization. When the Kishiwata Group arrive at the bank, the Hirasaka Gang take them down. Meo is finally able to reunite with her father once again.