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Heaven's Memo Pad Episode 2 — You And The Travel Bag

Published April 11, 2012
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A Thai girl named Meo needs Alice's help finding her missing father named Masaya Kusakabe. She earlier received a phone call from her father, a business counselor formally from a yakuza organization, who tells her to take a bag, containing two hundred million yen inside, from the house and run away to a safe place. Meo now has to work and live at the Hanamaru ramen shop until the case is solved. The Fourth warns Narumi not to get involved in this case, but Narumi says that he is obligated to assist Alice in this. Narumi and Tetsuo later talk with Nemo, who says that Kusakabe, assigned as a launderer, ran away with three hundred million yen. The team needs to find out what happened with the missing hundred million yen and where Kusakabe could be hiding.