Heaven's Memo Pad Episode 1 — The Two Or Three Things I Know About Her

Published April 11, 2012
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Narumi Fujishima, sees himself as a single pixel to a picture, not standing out in a large crowd. He encounters Ayaka Shinozaki while laying on the high school's rooftop, and she forces him to join her newly-formed garden club. She brings him to where she works, the Hanamaru ramen shop, owned by a woman named Min. There he meets Tetsuo Ichinomiya, Hitoshi Mukai, Hiroaki Kuwabara, all of whom are known as NEETs. All three receive a phone call from a girl, nicknamed Alice, to have ramen delivered to her, so they send Narumi off to do the job. When entering the room of this young girl, he is amazed by the technology surrounding the area. Declaring herself a "NEET detective", she claims that she can solve mysteries without having to leave her room. She shows him surveillance footage of a high school prostitute named Miku Kimura being interrupted by a young man named Satoshi Teraoka during her session with another client, and Narumi happened to be at the scene of the crime when he previously saw the NEETs during that time. The team must investigate to see how a girl named Shoko Sakuma is tied into this mess. The next day, as Ayaka brings Narumi to see Alice again, Alice begs him to go with Hiroaki to sew up her teddy bear's ear. They go to see the Fourth, the leader of the Hirasaka Gang, and he notices that there is only information about Miku and not Satoshi, much to his disappointment. Narumi locates Miku, who explains that she and Shoko saw each other at a coffee shop. After Shoko caught Miku seeing a picture of her with Satoshi, she became enraged at Miku for always viewing her as a role model. Alice confronts Miku for being involved with Satoshi and causing Shoko to have gone missing. It is publicly reported that Shoko was found in a tub full of ice with her wrist slit and her eye bruised. Satoshi is arrested for interrogation due to suspicion. Alice believes that Shoko just wanted to be friends with both Miku and Satoshi, despite their relationship with each other. Min offers Narumi a job at the Hanamaru ramen shop, to which he accepts.