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2912 Days Ago
2912 Days Ago

Fortune Arterial: Akai Yakusoku Episode 6 — Letter

Published April 8, 2012

Haruna seems to have wished for something when she was a little girl. At present time school the event "School Image Month" begins but preparation is completed without anything being said to Kohei even though he wants to help. Meanwhile, Kanade suspects them and thinks Erika may have Kohei-love fever but wonders about Kohei's feelings towards Erika. Haruna has been keeping all the letters that Kohei replied to when he was away. Soon after that, Kanade sneaks to Kohei's room but gets caught. At the "School Image Month" event, Haruna argues with her sister about her memory loss because of a car accident. It's later revealed that lost the memories of her year with Kohei all ended with the letter she sent so Kohei tried to make Haruna happy to make up for it (she thought it was all her fault). However, Haruna do not want that. After they confront each other they able to resolve it (actually, it was a misunderstanding). And it reveal Haruna wish that Kohei came back to island.