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Mayo Chiki! Episode 3 — Of Course, In The Bed

Published April 6, 2012

Kanade invites Kinjirō, Subaru and Kureha to a double date while settling the issue from Kureha seeing Kinjirō on a date with Subaru by claiming that she and Kinjirō were lovers. At the pool, Kanade reveals to Kinjirō that she and Subaru were once kidnapped for ransom when they were children. After an incident where Kinjirō rescues a drowning girl he ends up drowning himself where he flashbacks to his childhood where his father explains his name had the character for "close" because it meant "stand by me". When he comes to, where it is implied that Subaru gave him mouth to mouth resuscitation, he and Subaru get a strange phone call from a man with a wolf's face, who is holding a knife and is revealed to have kidnapped Kanade and Kureha. Subaru starts to feel like Kinjirō does when he touches a girl and reveals she has a phobia of knives, stemming from the traumatic childhood kidnapping incident where she felt she was inadequate as a butler because of her inability to protect Kanade as a child. Though clearly fearful she resolves to rescue Kanade and Kureha only for Kinjirō to knock her out, apologizing and stating that she could say whatever she wanted to him afterwards. Though he attempts to fight off the kidnapper, the kidnapper is revealed to be a surprisingly skillful hand to hand fighter and easily beats Kinjirō. Subaru however, comes to his rescue and defeats the kidnapper, while overcoming her fear of knives. Afterwards it is revealed that the kidnapper was actually Subaru's father Nagare and that the whole incident was orchestrated by Kanade in order to help Subaru get over her fear of knives, believing that Kinjirō would help as he also had a phobia. Later a tearful Subaru tells Kinjirō not to risk himself again, stating that she was scared her first friend would end up being stabbed. However, Kureha interrupts their moment and inadvertently revealed that Kanade stated she was going out with Kinjirō to which Subaru immediately reacts with anger, forcing Kinjirō to run away with Kanade from both Subaru and Kureha.