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Mayo Chiki! Episode 2 — I Fell In Love!

Published April 6, 2012

The episode briefly narrates how Kinjirō's new proximity to Subaru has led to rumors that they were going out which in turn earns Kinjirō earning the ire of the S4 or the "Shooting Star Subaru-Sama" fan club though their attempts at attacking him are thwarted by the "Let's warmly protect Subaru-Sama committee" a fan club that was split from the S4 due to a disagreement on whether to support Subaru's "relationship" or not. In an attempt to cure Kinjirō's gynophobia, Kanade has him go on a mock date with Subaru Konoe while giving him a "sheep ticket" as an apology for her actions. At the end of the date, Kanade tells him to use the sheep ticket which is revealed to be the equivalent on an order that cannot be refused for Subaru who, with obvious difficulty, asks Kinjirō for an order while referring to him as master. In panic, he asks her to say "baah" after seeing the plush "Lost Sheep" toy he had won for her which she does so in a cute fashion but this puts her into shock where she begins asking Kinjirō for anything else while violating his personal space. His sister Kureha however, is revealed to have been spying on them the whole time and believes that Subaru is a man dressing up as a girl and attacks her in a rage only to get defeated causing her to end up falling in love with her. Later, Kinjirō and Subaru end up bonding and becoming friends when, during a school physical examination, they help each other and keep each others' respective secret of gynophobia and being a girl despite the considerable embarrassment they were forced to go through to which they begin addressing each other by their first names.