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Black Lagoon Episode 12 — Guerrillas In The Jungle

Published April 6, 2012
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Takenaka begins interrogating Rock, revealing that he was formerly a member of the Japanese Red Army. When Rock questions him as to why he continues to fight for a lost cause, he comments that he fights in order to give meaning to the sacrifices he made in the past for his beliefs. Due to Takenaka's jovial method of conducting the interrogation, Ibraha, Takenaka's comrade, asks Takenaka if he can torture Rock, but Takenaka refuses. Revy and Shenhua raid the camp and escape with Rock, and are followed by a fleet of vehicles under Ibraha's command. Revy and Shenhua dispatch the majority of the vehicles, and Ibraha orders the remainder of his men to continue the pursuit. When Ibraha refuses to order a retreat, Takenaka shoots him and makes the order. Revy delivers the documents to the CIA agents, and admonishes Rock not to be captured again.