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Neon Genesis Evangelion Episode 9 ā€” Both Of You, Dance Like You Want To Win!

Published March 22, 2012
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Asuka moves into Shinji and Misato's apartment where he and Misato live. As Asuka adjusts to Japan, the Angel Israfel attacks. Appeared to have been defeated, Israfel, revealing its capability of splitting itself into two identical copies, defeats both Units 01 and 02. Embarrassed by the defeat, Nerv hands command of the operation over to the UN, and an NĀ² bomb is used against the Angel, destroying twenty-eight percent of its body, with the Angel estimated to recover in a period of six days. Misato puts Shinji and Asuka in a training regimen which has them spending as much time together as possible in order to synchronize their biorhythms, enabling them to coordinate a dual attack strategy by setting their movements to a timed dance routine to use in combat. However, the training is deemed a failure. Nevertheless, Shinji and Asuka are able pull off the routine almost flawlessly, destroying the Angel, yet failing to land properly.