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11eyes Episode 12 — Daybreak Of The Dark Night

Published February 29, 2012
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All the events from Episode 11 were just Kakeru's vision if he protects Yuka when Liselotte is about to kill Yuka. Kakeru disagrees on this ending and decides to kill himself to prevent Liselotte from taking his Eye. Then, he remembers all of his childhood memories. He woke up on the infirmary, asking why is he alive. Yuka nullified the sword when he stabed his throat, and Liselotte couldn't battle due to Yuka's ability. Yuka is in a bed near Kakeru. Kakeru is introduced to Abraxas, Kukuri's spirit. After discussing why she is alive, and how Abraxas killed Kakeru in another World, Yuka is absorbed by the bed and the group enter the roof. The Black Moon is near, and Liselotte is sealing Yuka so there will be no more nullification. When dueling with Liselotte, Velad appeared in Liselotte's mind, stating that it is foolish to destroy the world. Liselotte still had no doubt upon destroying the world. Shiori and Abraxas fight against Liselotte, but fail. Abraxas takes Shiori's fragment to Kakeru, stating that with the Eye of Aeon and the fragment, he could send Liselotte to the space-time rift. Misuzu uses the forbidden Doujikiri Yasutsuna and shields Kakeru and Misao helps her. Misuzu and Misao counter the power Liselotte is releasing, but she disappears. Kakeru saw where Liselotte was going appear with the Eye of Aeon, and uses the fragment to seal her. Liselotte tried to flee, but was grabbed by Avaritia. Both of them were sealed in the space-time rift where she can't do anything anymore. The Red Night starts to collapse but Misao gets them out of there. They then enter a World of Peace. In this world, only Kakeru, Yuka, and Misuzu know all the event of the Red Night. Yukiko and Takahisa are back and they forgot about the Red Night, Kakeru, and Yuka. Saiko is back too. The story ends when Misuzu was asking them to Ayanas and they walk together. Kakeru looks with his Eye of Aeon, he sees that the Black Moon still exists. It is concluded with the text: "Akarat on jon holnap?" which means: "Will you come tomorrow?", which might create a sequel.