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11eyes Episode 11 — The Choice Called Destruction

Published February 29, 2012
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Liselotte awakens and proceeds to kill Yuka and absorb her fragment of the void stone. Kakeru saw the flashback and try to reflect the power, but failed. Her void fragment was absorbed by Liselotte and gained power. Avaritia, in order to protect the remaining fragments, teleport Misuzu and Kakeru out of the red night, while Shiori stays behind to fight Liselotte alongside Superbia and Avaritia (in his dragon form, Georgius.) Meanwhile, Kakeru and Misuzu try to find out if Yuka is still alive and trying to find their way back into the red night. As, Shiori was about to be absorbed and killed by Liselotte, Kukuri appears and transforms into Abraxus and Superbia tries to hold Liselotte still while Avaritia fires a blast at them. In Yuka's world, as the black moon is coming closer, Kakeru and Misuzu discuss what they should do if the others fail and proceed to do a "ritual" (which requires them to Physical intimacy bond together or in other words they have a very deep and intense sex) to power up Kakeru's abilities. A crack that leads them to the Red Night opens, Misao Kusakabe appears behind them and tells them that her love, Avaritia, died, Abraxus was killed, and Shiori committed suicide. She told them indirectly that this too, might happen to Misuzu (In this case, Kakeru). After Misao died, Yuka comes out. As Kakeru walks towards her, he is stabbed by Liselotte using Yuka's body and has his body and the eye of Aeon absorbed into her. She also absorbs Misuzu. Liselotte, remembers her discussion with Verard about destroying the world. It seems that everyone is dead. Then, Yuka proceeds to say, "...and the two of them lived happily ever after." Kakeru disagrees on this ending.