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11eyes Episode 10 — The Witch Awakens

Published February 29, 2012
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Shiori come and tells Kakeru and Misuzu everything about the red night and about the black knights. Lisette is actually Liselotte, who seeks to destroy the world, just like her lover, Verard wished for. 64 years prior, Liselotte was sealed away by Index. However, by doing so, the Disciples turned into hideous creatures who are now called the Black Knights, who guard Liselotte's seal. They also seek to destroy the 7 fragments of the "Void Stone" which were separated into parallel worlds (when she was sealed), but have now been brought together in the red night. If all the fragments are collected, Liselotte's seal will be destroyed and opens up the Hell's gate (which is the black moon, which will bring the end of the world). Yukiko, who is grieving for Tajima, now seeks vengeance against the Black Knights. She comes alone to fight them. Yuka becomes increasingly protective of Kakeru, but then the red night shows again and the monsters came. Yuka uses her power to nullify them, and faints. Kakeru puts her into a room and joins the other to search for Yukiko. Meanwhile, Yukiko loses to Superbia. Superbia tells her that without the fragment inside her body, her body won't regenerate. She tears out the fragment from inside Yukiko's body and she is killed with one blow. When Kakeru, Misuzu, and Momono arrive, they find Yukiko's dead body there and suddenly... Yuka appears and take Yukiko's fragment from the Black Knights, and throws it to Lisette's Seal. The seal is destroyed and Lisette, now Liselotte, awakens.