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Asura Cryin' Episode 6 — Sacrifice Of Darkness

Published February 29, 2012
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Shuri's memory is back, but Tomoharu is out with a cold. That doesn't stop former student council president and Kanto Student Union Guardian Dragoon Yo from coming after Shuri's stabilizer. Unable to hand over the stabilizer that will free a burial doll from its Asura Machina, Shuri and Kanade fight back. Armed with Shirogane's ability to cut through space, Yo is a formidable opponent. Trying to buy time until Tomoharu's recovery, Shuri holds Yo off. However, it seems the two share a personal history. Shuri arranges to trade the real stabilizer with Susugihara for something very important to her. However, with Tomo still too ill to use Kurogane there is no-one to fight her when the trade goes badly wrong and as such they are forced to flee.