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Guilty Crown Episode 17 — Revolution:Exodus

Published February 16, 2012
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As the blockade gets closer to the school , causing fear amongst the students, Shu become more ruthless to maintain order. Yahiro warns him the students will hate him if he continues acting like this, but Shu insists it's necessary or they might end up dying like Hare. Arisa, traumatized after being attacked by Inori, is contacted by an unknown individual, who convinces her to turn the students against Shu. Arisa seduces Hirohide and convinces him to secretly spread a rumor to the students that they will die if their Voids are destroyed and Shu is keeping it a secret, creating greater resentment against him. Yahiro confronts Arisa about this and she tells him it was Inori who attacked her. Shu is tormented by his tyranny and Hare's death as Inori comforts him and confesses she was the who attacked Arisa unwillingly and fears she is losing control. Yahiro arrives and wants Inori to be punished after learning it was her who attack Arisa, but Shu accuses Yahiro of trying to betray him. Despite Yahiro insistence he wants to help him despite the lies he told him, he allows Shu to send him to jail. As the students prepare for Operation Exodus; the plan to escape the blockade, Arisa has secretly gain the support of the students to conspire against Shu. Shu leads the students in Operation Exodus where they attack Tokyo Tower which contains the computer controlling the Ghost Unit Endlaves. As the students fight against the Endlaves, Shu manage to reach Tokyo Tower and blow up the computer, deactivating the Endlaves and the tower falling into the barricade, allowing the students to escape. As all of the students escape the barricade, Arisa and the students turn on Shu, telling him has he has outlived his usefulness. Inori and Ayase tries to stop this but are stopped by Argo and Tsugumi. However, everyone is attacked by a GHQ Endlave unit led by an albino Gai. Gai greets Shu before cutting off his right arm and takes the Void Genome onto himself. As Shu screams in pain, Gai declares the Power of Kings is finally his. At the United Nations, the world leaders learn that Shuichiro has covered up what's really happening in Japan. With the GHQ unable to be trusted, the majority of the UN vote to destroy Japan to stop the virus.