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Infinite Stratos Episode 5 — Boy Meets Boy

Published February 12, 2012
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Houki has been given her own room by Maya and leaves in anger when Ichika is being dense about it but makes him promise to go out with her should she win the inter-class tournament, which spreads into a rumor that the winner of the tournament gets a date with Ichika. At the same time, a transfer student, another "male" IS pilot from France named Charles Dunois, arrives much to the joy of the girls of the Academy due to Charles' Bishōnen looks and "interest" with Ichika, who also becomes Ichika's new roommate. While Ichika's class has IS practice with Lingyin's class, Chifuyu has Cecilia and Lingyin battle against Maya in a Rafale Revive IS, a 2nd generation IS made by Charles' father's corporation, which Maya easily defeats Cecilia and Lingyin's more advanced ISs. While Ichika is having lunch with Houki, Lingyin, Cecilia and Charles, the girls try to give Ichika their lunches, of which he enjoys Houki's best and feeds some of it to her, much to the other girls' anger. The next day, another transfer student from Germany named Laura Bodewig, an acquaintance of Chifuyu's, arrives much to the surprise of the class. Laura immediately walks to Ichika and slaps him, declaring she will not recognize him as Chifuyu's brother.