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Zakuro Episode 12 — Looming Crisis

Published January 22, 2012
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Zakuro finally learns the reason of her birth and of half-spirits. She is captured by Omodaka again.She is unconciously, being forced to act against her own will. Meanwhile, Agemaki and the other representatives dash off to save Zakuro, armed with the slightest of clues. With the guidance of Lords A and Um, they reach the Village of Oracles, but the group finds that they are separated from Agemaki. Once reaching there Agemaki hears Zakuro's mother voice and listens to the message she wants him to give to her children. At that time the others find Zakuro with Omodaka in a marriage ritual they stop, so he orders his men dispose of them, while he and Byakuroku bring Zakuro to the place where his mother and Engaga met impregnate. Before he does so, he is confronted by Agemaki. The others arrive as they battle, and Agemaki notices Zakuro's pendant but allows it to stay. Agemaki tells Omodaka how his mother felt, but Omodaka refuses to accept it.Suddenly, the group sees the Village of Oracles in flames. Omodaka runs to the village, carrying Zakuro, while Byakuroku, Agemaki, and the others following him.