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Lucky☆Star Episode 21 — Pandora's Box

Published January 18, 2012
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The third-years go on a trip to Kyoto. Tsukasa feeds deer, however, she eventually gets trampled by them. Kagami receives a letter from a boy asking her to come out at night; she thinks it is a love letter, thus thinks about it all day, not even saying stuff against Konata's childish jokes. However, it turns out that the boy called Kagami in order to get a doll that he was too embarrassed to buy. The next day, Konata leads the girls on a side trip to the offices of Kyoto Animation. In Lucky Channel, Minoru returns with water from Mt. Fuji. Akira drinks the water, but spits it out and throws the bottle at him, because she hates how the water is warm. Minoru finally loses it, ranting about how tough his life is on the show, and ruins the studio with his anger.